About Cimbria

coexistMy special talent is helping people and organizations address food, housing, energy and infrastructure issues, and create a more wholesome way to live. I do this guided by three philosophies or methodologies: Buddhist practice, ecological design, and dynamic governance. Based on systems thinking, these practices provide a framework to learn, grow, and further develop my understanding of how I want to BE in the world. They provide consistency in my interactions with living beings both personally and professionally, to be vulnerable & strong, through listening, holding compassion, reflecting and releasing control.

LotusLogoPureBuddhist Practice: Each person I meet is a teacher in my practice, and allows me to better develop equanimity through compassion and empathy. In my interpretation of the Buddhist teachings, I follow the guidance of beloved Thay (Thich Nhat Hahn), and his niece Anh-Huong. Their guidance most resonates with the pace of my practice and how I embrace the teachings of the Buddha in my daily life.

Ecological Design: Compassion for the Earth and empathy for living beings is MeditationGarden
paramount in the practice of permaculture. Permanent agriculture is based on 12 principles and 3 ethics which integrate as daily practice to enhance ways we coexist with the land and living beings. This is my business model.

DualArrowOblongSociocracy, or Dynamic Governance: Sociocracy is a model of governance based on the Quaker circle and systems thinking. It teaches us individually how to make decisions in a way that honors our need to feel safe, and have our voices heard, while also letting go of the need for control that limits creative energies. Groups that operate using this method of governance learn to understand the power of the word “no”, welcome change and embrace the creative gifts of chaos.

The integration of these three practices provides compassionate space to listen carefully to your story, provide insight, and ask the right questions, so that you can decide how best to proceed.

2 thoughts on “About Cimbria”

  1. Amazing to me.
    Inspiring to know you.
    You will love the Peace Pagoda.

    Q: can you share Margaret’s phone #?

    I never checked this place out.
    Thanks for all you do, all
    You Have done, and
    How you do it.

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