LotusLogoPureOur lives influence many circles. When we reach an awareness of what helps us feel safe, able to be present, and love most fully in our first circle, we will find satisfaction as we engage in circles with others. This journey to find our Unique Genius will help us identify the gifts which we alone can offer to the world, because of our individual experience.

My business model grows from a fertile soil nurtured by the teachings of the Buddha (through the lineage and guidance of Thich Nhat Hanh), a governance model of equality and creativity (sociocracy), and the ethics and principles of permaculture. These modalities have many things in common. Each celebrates compassion and awareness of all living beings, each celebrates feedback and change, and each provides a way to improve systems through personal accountability and a lack of blame.

Imagine living a life of simple contentment? First Circle Coaching can help you define what this phrase means to you, and how you can find your own pathway to thriving.

…Cimbria has a gentle way of peeling back the layers to help you reveal your true self. I continue to have a much clearer vision of self-purpose and I feel empowered and confident in my abilities to get myself where I want to be… I highly recommend her!” Colleen N.