What is your Unique Genius?

Is there a special talent or skill hiding within you which you’ve never had a chance to share? Do you have a dream you’ve never told anyone, even your closest friends? Are you what society would call “successful”, with something more you want to add to your life?

Each of us has a Unique Genius, that which is within us, our special talent or skill we are invited to share with the world. Through our family stories and the roles we take on to be accepted, we sometimes hide this part of us, afraid to be vulnerable and expose what may not be acceptable to others. If you have reached the point where you would like to bring your secret dream or special gift out to play, I would love to play with you.

If you would like to explore playing together, and are looking for a partner on your pathway to thriving, and a life of simple contentment, please contact me for an initial meeting. I would love to hear your story!

Cimbria Badenhausen, MBA, ENV SP