I am grateful to the following people for offering these personal and professional testimonials throughout my career.

“Cimbria…I wanted to let you know just how important I thought you were among all the volunteers who participated... I had a chance to observe you in action and you were really outstanding. You greeted the folks directed to you and ran the phoning operation beautifully. From the moment they signed in you put them at ease. Their orientation went smoothly and quickly.  In no time they were at the phones making calls. Issues came up, problems arose and you were there to provide immediate support and advice. By any measure our phoning effort was excellent. Hopefully we’ll see the results tonight. [Big Win for Bernie!] …the thought occurred to me after I left that I think the campaign going forward would greatly benefit from your continued participation.” Ron, Canvassing Coordinator, Bernie 2016*NH Primary 2016, Peterborough, NH,

BerlinHousingAuthority“Cimbria was intensively multitasking presentations, lunch and learns paperwork, training and grass roots organizing at the height of the program [Berlin BetterBuildings 2010-2013]. She was organized, tracking results for administration and when she gave her word, her goals were met. It is always a stretch to bring a program into existence from the ground up and she did it with style and more people were able to take advantage of this incentive program in this area than other areas. She worked with many different types of people and she was able to meet them on their terms and deliver the information in an easy to understand fashion…Training is something that Cimbria constantly participates in. She travels great distances and is open to new ideas. She lives the renewable energy principles that she espouses and puts energy in keeping up to date with the industry… Her networking is extraordinary. She has many connections and she uses her network to help people move ideas and projects forward… In short, Cimbria lives her principles, is respectful, curious, and earnest. Her outstanding work ethic would be fertile ground for the academic environment. She truly wants the best for people.” – Mary Jo Landry, Executive Director, Berlin Housing Authority

“In the course of our interactions, Cimbria became aware that my agency, Tri-County CAP, was experiencing difficulties with a formerTCCAP school building in Berlin that was the epitome of energy inefficiency. The building used an average of 14,000 gallons of heating oil each winter, and Cimbria, on her own initiative, undertook to line up potential partners to help us undertake a $600,000 project to weatherize the building and install high efficiency pellet boilers. She helped arrange for audits that supported our primary funding application, and helped us secure matching funding as well… I am confident that Cimbria will throw herself fully into whatever work she undertakes. I know her to be an avid learner, who constantly seeks to polish her skills and expand her knowledge. Cimbria thinks conceptually and far into the future.” – Peter Higbee, Chief Operating Officer, Tri-County Community Action Program, Berlin, NH

“Cimbria, Thanks for all the help in getting the project done… Never would have gotten thru all the paper work without you. The savings are unbelievable. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” Pete Gagne , Pete’s Auto Body, Berlin, NH

St.K“From that first professional meeting [early 2011], through the many months that followed, I have found Cimbria to be a bright, talented, engaged and pro-active leader and a thoughtful, compassionate and understanding program manager. She literally ”held my hand” through the entire energy upgrade process at St. Kieran Arts Center and helped with complex application and reimbursement processes— but through it all, I felt that her enthusiastic, thoughtful and caring spirit led the way… I am constantly amazed at her broad and diverse background, experience and expertise. I believe that Cimbria would be an asset to any program or project she is associated with.” – Joan Chamberlain, Executive Director, St. Kieran Center for the Arts, Berlin, NH

“I have worked with Ms. Badenhausen on a number of conferences and conservation projects where she was the lead person. I was always impressed with her attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills. Every effort was made to provide the best program possible. I think any effort to connect environmental initiatives with business is essential to moving towards a sustainable future”. -Angelo Spillo, Director Pace University Environmental Center

GALA“My experience with Cimbria over the last six months has had many positive outcomes and leaves me hoping strongly that this is just the beginning of our professional relationship. Cimbria optimizes opportunities. She has great communication skills, is excellent at setting concrete goals with specific timelines, and moreover, manages to deliver and meet those goals. She is well versed in issues around community sustainability and governance, as well as nonprofit and business management. I have learned a lot from Cimbria and confidently recommend her to any other organization that needs meaningful and strategic support in achieving their sustainability goals. – Josh Arnold, Executive Director, GALA

“Blue Sky Design offers a highly needed service for the modern world. Looking back from a more sustainable time in the future, I think we will see Cimbria Badenhausen as an important groundbreaker and torch-bearer in the synthesis of a smarter civilization.” -Torben Hallundbaek, The Green Toolbox

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cimbria in several contexts in the last several years; from her participation in Leadership North Country (Class of 2011/2012), to her tenure as the Community manager at the Berlin Better Buildings Energy Retrofit Program. What stands out for me in all my interactions with Cimbria – above and beyond her professionalism and good humor – is her deep and sincere commitment to making a difference in her community. This was evidenced time and again in her tenure in Leadership North Country, and perhaps more pertinently, in her development and delivery of a regular “lunch and learn” public outreach series. That commitment to our region is a skillset for which there is no substitute, and is one that all of us seek out when hiring.
While her resume will no doubt give a fine accounting of her skills, I would be remiss if I didn’t speak directly to my experience of Cimbria’s organizational and instructional technical skills. What I have observelogod is that Cimbria attends to every detail of her work with diligence and thoroughness. She is always organized and prepared in her work. Further, I have observed that her communication skills enable her to effectively and comfortably convey information to a wide variety of audiences.”John Dyer, Director of Community & Corporate Affairs,
White Mountains Community College, Berlin, NH

“Good organizer, very professional. Responsible and reliable.” Robert C. Jennings, Owner/Manager at White Oak Talking Ecological Services

“I’ve worked with Cimbria on environmental issues for the past several years. She is hard-working, reliable, and full of enthusiasm.  Cimbria brings a lot of great ideas to the table and is committed to ensuring sustainable communities.” -Marc Yaggi

Cimbria Badenhausen, whom I have known for years, is one of the most hardworking, dedicated environmentalists I know.”   Carolyn Cunningham, Rye, environmental activist.”

“I’ve known Cimbria Badenhausen ever since we both served on the Water Wise Council of New York … beginning in 2003. … I’ve been able to attend some of the very intriguing “Conversations on Conservation” … characterized by a high ‘energy level’ among attendees and speakers alike. They provide both excellent information and the opportunity for participants to make meaningful contact with one another. Cimbria is someone I see as the embodiment of the “new environmentalism” …Cimbria’s own energy, intelligence, and unfailingly positive spirit clearly inspire this solution-seeking impulse in others…Her ongoing work in educating and inspiring the Westchester and Hudson Valley communities in their stewardship of the region’s unparalleled natural resources deserves the greatest admiration and support!” Barbara Britton, Horticulturist, Hastings-on-Hudson

“Cimbria, I’ve come to admire your dedication to conservation and protection of the environment, and the imaginative initiative you bring to your work.” Warren Ross, Former Mayor, City of Rye

Cimbria Badenhausen has a real skill for bringing together businesses, organizations and individuals with interests in sustainability. The GoCarbonGreen.net initiative is filling a much-needed niche in providing a place for businesses, individuals, educators, nonprofits, etc. to connect and find resources. A passionate advocate for addressing our region’s environmental issues with practical solutions, Cimbria has helped us reach introduce new audiences to our Sustainable Landscapes and Buildings Project at the Queens Botanical Garden. QueenslogoThe project is designed to achieve LEED® platinum certification and through inviting us to speak at conferences and network at great symposiums around the region, Ms. Badenhausen has helped us share what we’ve learned as we developed the first project of its kind in New York.
Jennifer Ward Souder, Director of Capital Projects/Assistant Director, Queens Botanical Garden

Barrett title_banner
I have worked with Cimbria Badenhausen on several occasions relating to sustainability programs and have found her efforts to be quite competent with the bonus of her being a true believer of sustainability. Cimbria’s GoCarbonGreen program is dynamic and a resource that deserves to be supported and expanded as quickly as possible. Our efforts promoting Greenroofs-Roofscapesâ have indeed profited with Cimbria’s help for which we are deeply appreciative. Timothy Barrett, President, The Barrett Company

[RE: GoCarbonGreen.net] I am certain others have had my experience of being bombarded by emails from environmental organizations having so many events that it is hard to keep track of them. By having the calendar of events, itbrprc makes my life immeasurably better. I now go to the calendar and make my selections instead of forgetting them and upon reviewing my old emails thinking ” I meant to attend that one and forgot, what a shame.” In addition, I like the speaker schedule. Many of us would like to get our message across and this will help us do that. James A. Sutton, Executive Director, Bronx River Parkway Conservancy

Cimbria is a talented, enthusiastic environmentalist with an impressive command of technology. In seminars, meetings and discussions Cimbria consistently offers good suggestions and asks intelligent thought-provoking questions. She is an excellent facilitator and project manager. – Anne J. Gold, Liaison & ED to PEPA, Purchase Environmental Protective Association, Aide to the President for Community Relations, Manhattanville College

[Manhattanville College’s] Environmental Expo that you [helped coordinate] …had an excellent balance of educators, not-for-profit service groups, and businesses. It demonstrated the diversity that is necessary to build a sustainable life together. I would be honored to attend next year’s event – if I’m invited back! – Josephine Papagni, Greenway Environmental Services, Shabazz Jackson & Josephine Papagni, Newburgh, NY 12550