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The Sum: Leveraging Our Power


It is with pleasure that I share with you a video created by one of my clients, Elliott Cisneros. Elliott is the Director of The Sum ( Elliott and I are working to introduce The Sum and the Diversity Power Leveraging Model to the wider world. We would appreciate your help!

I recently relocated to Central New York. Elliott became one of my first local coaching clients, and the more he shared with me about his work to support equality and celebrate diversity, the luckier I felt about being part of this project.  Much of my work in the world is around power dynamics, and Elliott has helped me understand how my innate biases are affecting my relationships. My experience in relationship with Elliott is not one of judgment: I seldom feel judged, or that I’m acting in a “wrong” manner. Rather, I feel elated as I learn to communicate clearly what I am feeling and thinking in a way that doesn’t threaten others, and allows each of us in the relationship to contribute our best selves.

Elliott began working to support human rights and diversity very early in life. It is truly his Unique Genius to help each of us understand what The Diversity Power Survey shows is our “power perspective”. He guides us in integrating theelliottheadshot complementary perspectives so that each of us can unleash our personal power across cultures, genders, and abilities.

Please take a moment to watch this brand new video. Elliott discusses the Diversity Power Leveraging Model, and the Diversity Power Survey. Hopefully you will moved to take the Diversity Power Survey yourself, to see what your primary power perspective is. I promise you, if you do, a new awareness of the diverse beauty and unique genius each of us offers will be become part of your experience.

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