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New York New Visions: How the New York Design Community Began to Heal In the Days After September 11, 2001

I recently discovered that an important document is no longer available on the internet. In the days following the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, brand-new New York AIA Director Rick Bell got to work. The Design Build community had lost hundreds of members who were loved and admired throughout the world.

From what I understand based on conversations we shared, Rick was inspired to help create a tribute to the City of New York and the Design/Build community. He launched New York New Visions. In honor of the people I knew at Cantor Fitzgerald and the Port Authority, and for anyone who was personally affected by the events of that day, I offer this copy of the report, which we presented to Mayor Bloomberg early in his administration. I’ve heard that much of his first Inaugural Address was taken from this report.


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